Sunday, February 24, 2008

National & Liberation Day Celebration at American Bilingual School in Kuwait-FEB 200839 and holding... Me with Ms. Amal, our Arabic Principal


Mr. Mahmoud and Mr. Mohammed

My turn to celebrate! B-day dinner with dear colleagues from Dasman School

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Movenpick Resort, Spring Break 2007

Seaside lunch

Jewels of the Red Sea abounded while we snorkelled on the reef

Lost in the jungle

Back to the villa after a long day by the sea

Whirling Dirvishes tableside

I love lemonade!

Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan (with the red purse)

Young Amman Baccalaureates greet us in traditional dress.


The enormity of Hadrian's Arch

Water ballet in the Dead Sea. Not quite like Bear Lake!!!

Gardens at the Movenpick Dead Sea

Sunset over the West Bank of Palestine

Saj Day at American Bilingual School - Step 1: roll the dough
Step 2: Throw the dough

Step 3: Toss it on the hot dome and make it a bit crispy!

Step 4: Fill the bread with local halloumi cheese and fresh tomatoes
Step 5: Sorry, should have taken a picture of me eating this addictive Arabian cuisine. Nothing gets me through "hump-day" at school than the fresh Saj!!! This is undoubtedly my favorite day of the work week!!!

Alexandria and Cairo - Two Ancient Wonders in Two Days!
Underwater ruins of the Ancient Lighthouse and other relics. I knew I got my dive certification for a reason!!!

Nice day for a camel ride!

There is some resemblance!?!

Where the mountains meet the sea...

Crepes Suzette at Trader Vic's in Muscat

Dar Settash - my hideaway home in the ancient Fes Medina.

Relaxing with my dear hosts, Jon and Jen with our ubiquitous sheesha pipe in the rooftop"menza."

Riad Fes, A palatial hotel suited for a honeymoon in the heart of the medina.

A visit to the Fes tannery is a must. Fes is known not only for the red felt hat, but also some of the finest leather goods in the world.

Tami's place - the cheapest and most delicious Moroccan home cooking in the Medina.

I was actually in Fes to learn Arabic, no easy undertaking! I did leave able to read and write in Arabic!

Tortoises are the preferred pet for dar dwellers.

The famous Barbary apes near Ifrane, Morocco.

My hosts in a Moroccan desert Oasis: Mustafa and Kim. Kim is an adminstrator at the American School of Casablanca. We met on an international school accreditation team in Amman, Jordan. She met Mustafa, her Moroccan husband, nearly 20 years ago when she began her teaching career at an orphanage in Morocco.